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Afterschool Adventures

Lesley Kimball

Seriously… Planet Rangers is amazing. When I tell friends and family that Amalia is a raving fan of a program on medieval Bavaria, they can’t believe it. I love hearing every week about Princess Therese, Hubert King of the Hedgehogs, “Mr. S”, traps and plans, and interesting trivia and facts. Oktoberfest topped it off – games, activities and kids’ contagious enthusiasm! Hail Prince Ludwig and Hail Planet Rangers!!

Sue Spaulding and Bill Stewart

There are so many afterschool programs to choose from but Planet Rangers stands out. Even when coming from a different school, everyone makes you feel welcome from the start. The kids are engaged, energized, and imaginative. They wear their Planet Rangers t-shirts with pride, knowing they’re part of something special.

Karen Webb

OK.  Nell hasn’t stopped talking and jumping around since she got home. Planet Rangers has totally impressed her! She is so excited about the program.  She LOVES LOVES LOVES it.  So bravo!!!  I think she’s in for good…

Alice Giordano

Faye has done several programs elsewhere in the Seacoast and I never hear her express as much joy or be as thrilled as she is over her participation with Planet Rangers.

Tatjiana Shone

Masi is Planet Rangers #1 fan!!!

Anne Ambrogi

Jack was thrilled to use the cameras in the filmmaking program and he was totally taken with Bea, the woman he interviewed.  He talked about it in the car, to his sister when he got home, to his Dad and to my mother the next day!

Kirsten Hunter

Reilly has always been hesitant doing things he doesn’t feel sure about, but I see that shifting in the Planet Rangers group– he clearly feels safe to take a risk and I am so grateful!  The fact that he wants to be on the filmmaking crew this summer is definitely proof– I would never have guessed he’d do that!

Anders Rantilla

It’s cool when the characters from history pop out of the portal at Planet Rangers. Before that I didn’t know why llama poop was important to the Incas or why people make shrunken heads.

Zelita Morgan

I am looking at our collection of Planet Rangers t-shirts and smiling at the memories they bring back (all good) – sweat, excitement, laughter, tiredness, pride and being supported through the positive and productive frustrations that are part of growing up. It’s not about the shirt – it’s about what happened while wearing it!

Summer Camps

Meegan Sciretto

It amazes me how much you pack into a week and how excited the kids are at the end of each day. We are never at a lack for dinnertime conversation after a day of Summer Rangers! Camp gives them a sense of independence, responsibility and is most definitely a confidence builder. We are so very grateful and fortunate.

Amy Choate

James had an amazing experience at Summer Rangers! He absolutely loved it and came home every day raving about it. I was blown away at the finale. Not only was every child on task, they were having a wonderful time and seemed so proud!

Susan Kelly

Josh wants to participate in everything you do and enjoys it to the max. He has totally thrived under your care. I was uneasy about the mountain climb but you made me feel comfortable enough to let Josh go for it.  Thanks for providing the extra support!

Bridget Viens

I can say my typically shy child felt enough confidence and support to let down his guard and fully embrace his character during the Greek Week finale. He’s become more confident to try new things and take some risks. I think you woke a sleeping giant as I would no longer describe my child as reserved or quiet. You inspire kids to grow in a positive way with unique and creative programs and provide invaluable role models in your staff and CITs. You consistently hit it out of the park.

Pam Eiffe

Julia had a wonderful time at World’s Best Chefs and I would definitely recommend it to others (already have, in fact).  She’s taken a new interest in cooking this summer thanks to her week with Summer Rangers. It was a wonderful confidence-boosting week.

Amy Keaveney

This was Megan’s first experience as a Summer Ranger and she woke up each day eager to get to camp. This is not like her, so I would qualify this as a milestone. She had a wonderful week with you all and spoke fondly of the CITs and counselors. She’s going around the house singing the scalloped potatoes song, telling stories about the celebrity chef from Moxy, and has a great feeling of accomplishment. Not to mention the amazing food! The results show your hard work, late nights and superb attention to detail.

Karen Kinnaly

Russell really enjoyed his week of World’s Best Chefs camp and the benefit for us is he’s feeling quite charged up about cooking! He’s been making us scrambled eggs in the morning and offering to help with any meal prep. The camp really helped to awaken the chef within him….

Meg Luce

Rhys was clearly on top of the world today, accepting the honor of Worlds Best Chef.  Our little guy was larger than life and we are thrilled he could experience this.

Walking through Portsmouth, Bryn seems far more connected to the city.  He is so excited to point out Commercial St. because “the best restaurants are on this street” and to explain exactly how to find Cafe Vonsolln.  We knew this would be a fun camp week but Chad and I are blown away!

Kim Rochford

What an awesome summer Lauren and Kyle had with Summer Rangers – the extra time you take mentoring them really paid off!  Any nervousness that Lauren had vanished quickly. The Hobbit theme and filmmaking were right up her alley and she gained a lot of confidence!!

As a CIT, Kyle loved working with the kids even when he was wiped by the end of the day…. now he knows how I feel teaching Kindergarten!!  

CIT Program

Anna St Jean

Being a CIT at one of your amazing summer camps was a fantastic experience. I loved the restaurants we went to and it was a week of tons of learning about being a leader in the best way possible. I hope to be a CIT again!

Christine Groleau

At the end of a day at school, Planet Rangers is something to look forward to – a potential light at the end of the tunnel. The weekly filling of the self-esteem bucket and a safe place where Claudia knows she’s honored and her opinions and input are respected…these are the things that help her thrive as a contributor and leader in the group.

Cathy Dailey

Patric and Ian are having an incredible week as CITs.  You bring out the leadership in each of them.  It is a really big deal in our house – the Daileys are raving fans. In fact, we talk about the boys day at camp every night at dinner. 

Charlie Sciretto

I love being a CIT. It is so great, so cool, so fun and I want to do it more than one week next year!

Erika Taylor

Alden loves being a CIT and I appreciate so much the mentoring that helps him mature emotionally, socially and in his confidence!

Patty Cohen

When asked what she’s up to these days, Lea describes being a Planet Rangers CIT and how much she loves it. I’ve thought many times how grateful I am for this remarkable program that involves so many kids in such a positive way.

Beth Yeaton

This Planet Rangers session meant a lot to Natalie – as have all of the Planet Rangers and CIT sessions she’s attended. Your program brings out the very best in her. 

Jenny Harrison

Planet Rangers has been immeasurable in helping Ave come out of her shell. When we began she was uneasy or opposed participating but the program has just given her a wonderful sense of confidence and pride that she’s been able to build upon.

After Hours

Nikki Douglass

After Hours caroling night was by far the highlight of our weekend, particularly seeing the smiles on the faces of our listeners at The Edgewood Centre. It was even more a bonus to hear Evy discussing her thoughts about the visit and how she could bring smiles to the faces of the residents at other times throughout the year.

Kaarin Milne

Things ran seamlessly for parents AND kids at Planet Rangers After Hours. We had a wonderful time over dinner and by mixing it up at the bowling alley, we got to chat with so many interesting people.  We’ve quickly learned you are masters at creating stimulating situations! 

Community Partners

Mark Wentworth Home

It’s great the Planet Rangers take such pride in teaching world history and culture to our residents at the Mark Wentworth Home. You help us smile and feel alive!

United Way of the Greater Seacoast

Not only was I impressed with the joyful Summer Rangers Kids Inc Fair and how committed the students were at their respective games – BUT I asked a few of the campers which charities the proceeds would go to and they all knew all three. THAT knocked me out too.

BRAVO. I am thrilled that a consistent component of your programming is about giving back.  My girls are 3 and 5. We cannot wait until they are old enough to come to your programs – PR helps make this community a special place to live and raise kids.

The Edgewood Centre

Yesterday’s outing to Edgewood was very profound for Amelie.  It was really a closing-of-the-circle kind of moment. So often a child’s education is on the receiving end but when a child has the chance to become the teacher and share her knowledge, something really magical grows within. Planet Rangers is a great program because of times like last night at Edgewood where you empower the kids to reach beyond themselves.  And, it is important for them to know that they can do this in their own backyard, even while sharing ideas from around the world.

I have to say that I know of no other after school activity that brings both fun and learning together.  There is so little emphasis on learning  about other cultures in our community.  You have filled a void that is so important – both for parents and their children.

Our daughter is reluctant to join after school activities but was drawn to the ideas and concepts of Planet Rangers. Susan and John have delivered week after week. They have completely captured her imagination and continue to spark her creativity and critical thinking skills. As an educator, I can’t imagine a better crafted program.

(It is) an opportunity for my children to learn about other countries and cultures in a creative, fun environment. Planet Rangers promotes a love of learning and respect and appreciation for others. PR’s challenges my kids to think critically and creatively, and to challenge themselves in ways they otherwise wouldn’t.

Today Summer Rangers was particularly impressive.  The food the kids served was not only restaurant quality but the kids were sensational with the prep and service.  It must have been a tremendous amount of work behind the scenes. It was just awesome.

The CIT program has provided both girls a great foundation for future group events and planning, artistic expression, care for young ones, peer camaraderie and a respect for those who provide meaningful guidance.

My son LOVED Geology Rocks, already told us this is the BEST camp and wants to attend for 3 weeks next summer! You inspired him so much he insisted on spending 3 months of allowance to add to the collection he started at camp.  It’s a prized possession that goes everywhere with us.