The Counselor in Training (CIT) program is open to 6th-12th grade boys and girls interested in building leadership skills and a toolbelt of best practices for guiding youth. CITs learn the secrets of commanding the attention of an audience, putting a smile on the faces of those who need extra help, and feeling proud to put their stamp on a program that makes a difference. Sound like the stuff to build a resume on? Don’t take our word for it!

A CIT’s role includes:

                    • Being a cast member and part of the creative team. Seeing individual ideas brought to life. Gaining confidence and self-esteem by being a teacher and role model.
                    • Bestowing the coveted daily CIT award. When CITs speak, adoring kids listen!
                    • Through teambuilding and shared experiences, making friends with other CITs from around the seacoast.

Why the CIT program is a win for parents:

                    • Research reveals that the learning and growing experiences kids have outside the radius of their parents is critical for developing self-sufficiency, independence and initiative.
                    • The CIT program is a leadership training ground. Based on extensive experience teaching, coaching and training; the staff mentors the CITs in leading activities, handling challenging behaviors, creating a bully-free environment, and fostering an oasis of social learning and social safety. Those things are essential for kids to really learn and have fun.
                    • All staff model respect, train continuously, and solicit feedback from CITs by debriefing activities and looking at how to improve from one day to the next.
                    • Planet Rangers programs are a place to have fun and be involved with the added bonus of learning about Chinese culture or ancient Egyptian history…or how to be inspiring to others.

The CIT Program is part of the Planet Rangers mission to inspire passionate learners and grow great leaders. A successful CIT applicant loves young kids and embraces opportunities to be part of a dynamic team of people who all play at the same level… full out! It’s important that a potential CIT has energy and enthusiasm and a desire to learn, take feedback and grow.


Leadership opportunities and real-world learning for pre-teens and teens come all too infrequently. Like all programs, there is a charge for the CIT program. Unlike other programs, we return a portion of that money to the CIT as a thank you at the end of the session. CIT fees are listed with the upcoming session information on our After School Programs and Summer Rangers pages and include pre-camp and on-going training, materials, field trip transportation, snacks and daily leadership mentoring.
Need based scholarships are available.