JohnJohn Battye has a Master’s degree in elementary education and has been a teacher for 19 years. He’s a camp mentor, a parent educator and has way more energy than normal humans. There is nothing he’d love more than to be 9 years old again and he makes it his mission to bring social learning, community building and adventure together to create a program where kids feel safe, known and motivated to get passionate about the things that interest them. John is on the same page with kids and that connection is based on a high level of mutual respect and shared joy. He in fact holds several playground records for paddle ball, real life Temple Run, and four square. John is CPR and first aid certified for children and adults and has four kids of his own ranging in age from 12-22. 

SusanSusan Battye draws on a variety of experiences in her role as creativity maven with the Planet Rangers and Summer Rangers programs. In addition to a marketing and training director, she’s been the director of a large commercial kitchen, a creative writing teacher, senior staff at a performing arts camp, director of an elementary theater program and the mother of four delightful children. Her degree is in psychology, which turns out to equip her well in the art of fostering happy campers. Susan is passionate about expanding kids’ horizons, whether by introducing dried squid snacks or determining how best to create a minotaur’s maze with cardboard boxes and duct tape. Susan is CPR and first aid certified for children and adults and is Servsafe certified by the National Restaurant Association.

BeckyBecky Rudolf works at the Lincoln Akerman School in Hampton Falls during the school year, is studying to be a classroom teacher, is a teaching artist at New Hampshire Theater Project and appears on stage with Seacoast Repertory Theater and the Player’s Ring. She holds a BA in musical theatre performance from Plymouth State University and has been working in theatre and with youth as a performer, director, and teacher for well over 12 years. Go see her on stage – she’ll knock your socks off! Becky has a passion for helping kids express themselves on stage, whether in front of an audience or as part of a theater game. She knows it’s the secret to great kid development (shhh!)  Becky is a playful spirit who is excited to share her knowledge and ignite passion for the arts in young people.

PR_SilviaSilvia Yardino is originally from Uruguay but after living in Asia, Europe and sailing around the world, she settled in Portsmouth in 2003 to live and raise her two wonderful kids, Sofia and Ben.
Silvia is adventurous, open-minded, and affectionate AND is fluent in Spanish, English, Portuguese, Italian and knows a bit of French. She works at Portsmouth Middle School and is a certified Health Coach.
Silvia’s goal is to live life to the fullest and is passionate about transmitting that enthusiasm to kids and grown-ups alike.

PR_KaarinKaarin Milne is an MBA and a mom of three amazing kids. She loves to learn, try and do.  Whether it’s exploring nature, whipping up tasty treats, or creating new things- be it an idea, piece of art or a new friendship- she jumps in with both feet and encourages others to do the same.  She is passionate about serving campers and CITs, meeting them where they are and helping them develop skills that will get them where they want to be.

PR_JessJess Fagan is a third grade teacher at Dondero School in Portsmouth. She’s worked with kids as a swim instructor, camp counselor, babysitter, and tutor. Her favorite part about working with them is helping foster communities in which children feel safe and supported in taking positive risks, and then seeing the growth and pride that comes after those risks are taken! In her free time, Jess loves time with family, traveling, reading, swimming, and playing with her dog! Jess is thrilled to be a part of Summer Rangers this year and is looking forward to getting to know all of you!

PR_GradyGrady Savage is a writer and blogger in the seacoast New Hampshire area.  She holds a BA double-concentration in Theatre and Education from Bennington College and has been working with youth in a myriad of capacities (teacher, mentor, camp director, etc) for 15+ years.  Grady also spends time both on-and-backstage working as an actor and stage manager for a variety of local theatre companies.  She has a passion for enriching the lives of young people through fun, learning, and lots and lots of laughter.

PR_CullenCullen DeLangie is an actor and tradesman and though he holds a Bachelor’s in English and writing, he prefers to spend his days repairing shoes at the cobbler shop in Hampton, where he holds the official title of “Helper.” That’s right–he gets paid to be helpful!! When not an apprentice cobbler, Cullen performs with the fantastical improv group Dorks In Dungeons, where he gets to play and invent stories with his friends onstage. You may also spot him singing and dancing at Seacoast Repertory or being serious and artistic at the Players’ Ring. With a passion for learning and storytelling, Cullen finds joy in helping others unlock their inner creativity and confidence.


Jenny is eighteen years old and just graduated with honors from Portsmouth High School. Next year, she’s traveling to Indonesia to become a scuba diving instructor, study marine biology, learn the language and volunteer at a Children’s Home. She’ll attend Bates College starting the following fall. Jenny’s been a part of Planet Rangers since she was in fifth grade and has joyfully worked her way up through the CIT, intern, and counselor positions. Jenny loves sparking excitement and passion in children. She loves to teach and learn through nature and art, so give her a hot glue gun, some glitter, and sunshine, and she’s in her element!


Lindsey Nelson is currently a 4th grade teacher at Epping Elementary School. Before teaching at a school, she taught theatre classes and camps at Seacoast Repertory Theatre and with New Hampshire Theatre Project. Lindsey loves helping kids follow their curiosities both in the classroom and in life!