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At Planet Rangers, our mission is to inspire those with a passion for learning and a thirst for adventure.

Find culture, creativity, and community in our after school programs, summer camps and global expeditions.


You consistently hit it out of the park!

There are many afterschool programs to choose from but Planet Rangers stands out as something truly exceptional!

My daughter hasn’t stopped talking and jumping around since she got home. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES it!

Seriously…Planet Rangers is amazing. When I tell friends, they can’t believe how excited my daughter is about Bavaria!

We are never at a lack for dinnertime conversation after the boys spend a day at Summer Rangers!

We are quickly learning you are masters at bringing people together…both kids AND their families!

As our personal guide and travel consultant, you succeeded in getting us SO excited about this trip to Bali (as if we weren’t already!)

Planet Rangers gives CITs a deep sense of pride and a boost in confidence.

My son is Planet Rangers #1 fan!