JohnJohn Battye has a Master’s degree in elementary education and has been a teacher for 19 years. He’s a camp mentor, a parent educator and has way more energy than normal humans. There is nothing he’d love more than to be 9 years old again and he makes it his mission to bring social learning, community building and adventure together to create a program where kids feel safe, known and motivated to get passionate about the things that interest them. John is on the same page with kids and that connection is based on a high level of mutual respect and shared joy. He in fact holds several playground records for paddle ball, real life Temple Run, and four square. John is CPR and first aid certified for children and adults and has four kids of his own ranging in age from 12-22. 

SusanSusan Battye draws on a variety of experiences in her role as creativity maven with the Planet Rangers and Summer Rangers programs. In addition to a marketing and training director, she’s been the director of a large commercial kitchen, a creative writing teacher, senior staff at a performing arts camp, director of an elementary theater program and the mother of four delightful children. Her degree is in psychology, which turns out to equip her well in the art of fostering happy campers. Susan is passionate about expanding kids’ horizons, whether by introducing dried squid snacks or determining how best to create a minotaur’s maze with cardboard boxes and duct tape. Susan is CPR and first aid certified for children and adults and is Servsafe certified by the National Restaurant Association.

MarianMarian Connelly is a licensed certified occupational therapist who has been on staff at the Newington and Greenland schools for the past 17 years and is particularly skilled at helping kids develop their independence and feel successful. She has been a senior staff member at a variety of day and overnight camps, including scout and sports development programs.  She is the mother of three grown children and is CPR and first aid certified for children and adults. Frankly, she’s the kind of mom everyone wants as their own…playful, supportive, funny and full of warmth. She usually smells like chocolate chip cookies and loves when kids put her hair up in pigtails with lots and lots of little barrettes.

BeckyBecky Rudolf works at the Lincoln Akerman School in Hampton Falls during the school year, is studying to be a classroom teacher, is a teaching artist at New Hampshire Theater Project and appears on stage with Seacoast Repertory Theater and the Player’s Ring. She holds a BA in musical theatre performance from Plymouth State University and has been working in theatre and with youth as a performer, director, and teacher for well over 12 years. Go see her on stage – she’ll knock your socks off! Becky has a passion for helping kids express themselves on stage, whether in front of an audience or as part of a theater game. She knows it’s the secret to great kid development (shhh!)  Becky is a playful spirit who is excited to share her knowledge and ignite passion for the arts in young people.

ShayShay Willard teaches filmmaking and is much beloved at Oyster River High School. At the same time, he runs Crescent Lake Media which provides video web content and projection design for small businesses and the performing arts. What? There’s more?! Shay is a talented writer, actor and director and can be seen all around Southern New Hampshire performing, singing, and pointing his cameras at things.  Shay has his MFA in Film Production from Ohio University, studied television production at Ithaca College and worked in the industry in Los Angeles. He’s been teaching for nearly 10 years, been in the arts for 20 and loves making movies with Planet Rangers and Summer Rangers kids.

KellyKelly Hurd has a Masters Degree in Elementary and Special Education and has been teaching in the Portsmouth schools for 17 years.  Her experience with children is vast and includes being a Girl Scout leader, coach and camp instructor.  She’s the proud mother of a wonderful 11 year-old Planet Rangers CIT and both of them live for adventure, road trips and board games.  Ask her about her recent experience teaching on reservations in the American Southwest! Her passion is creating a sense of community, fostering kindness and figuring out how to best help kids keep learning and growing when hitting an academic wall.  She loves to be silly with kids, read, get outside and tell stories.  Kelly is first aid and CPR certified for children and adults.

HannahHannah Eldridge currently teaches second grade at Greenland Central School and has been an educator in Seacoast schools (including Little Harbour) since 2009. She loves to travel and last year lived and taught for a school year in the town of Szentendre, in Hungary.  Ask her about it! She likes crossword puzzles, petting cats, and helping children follow their passions.  Hannah enjoys working with, and learning from, children and feels Ferklempt (Yiddish: overcome with emotion) when she watches them take pride in work well done.  She is very excited to part of the Summer Rangers Team. You’re sure to see her right in the thick of things as she has a theater and improv background and is anticipating her many roles – everything from Medusa to Madame Pomfrey!

CJC.J. Lewis is an actor, director, editor, multimedia artist, composer and musician…but that’s not all! He’s also directed television programming, been an artist in residence at great learning institutions like Phillips Exeter and the High Mowing School and directed a number of New Hampshire theater programs and camps. In other words, when it comes to the arts, C.J. is your Renaissance man! He’s looking forward to digging into Greek Mythology with the Summer Rangers campers this June. If you’ve ever seen him on stage, you’ll know his capacity to bring historical characters to LIFE! He admits having a soft spot for Cerberus and knows he’ll meet campers with a similar affinity for four-legged, three-headed pets!